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MSR Video - Face Ryders
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Park Wiley, Trent Atkins, Jason Branch, Gil Cortez, Trey Rexx, Andy Dill, Ssam Dixon, Andy Hunter, Lex Kyler, Gino Romano, Sean Storm

My only complaint about Face Ryders is that is isn't long enough. I put this one in, and from the moment it started, I was riveted. How often does a movie begin with some blonde pig strapped into a sling getting his precious man pussy pummeled by a long, greased fuck stick? Not many. Face Ryders sizzles and crackles for a whopping 90 minutes, and I'm quite positive you are going to want to hit REPEAT on your remote and let it play, and play, and play!

Jason Branch (of JVP/MVP/FVP fame) is the only recognizable... face... in the bunch of 11 hot motherfuckers, although some of the names looked familiar. Regrettably, Branch doesn't get to shove his gnarly cock into any one of the glory holes that twitch and wink with desire. Instead, many a hot, drooling mouth worships it. Younger guys are slung into a sling, and deep drilled while other guys about the room sit on what appear to be spring-loaded toilet seats. They sit and stroke while tongues and fingers dart in and out of their slippery pucker, anxiously awaiting the next round of crack lapping. Expert camera work roams the room (filmed entirely in The Faultline Bar in Hollywood) to capture lots and lots of eye-popping close-ups. There's a hypnotic soundtrack thumping underneath the unabashed moans, whimpers, grunts, and groans emitted from the entire cast. Final kudos goes to director Tony Alizzi for assembling this amazing cast, and for keeping the action going and going, and cumming and cumming!

Fans of ass worship? Jump on Face Ryders and let yourself go! It's a wild ride!

Tony Alizzi
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