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Cocksure Men - Return to sun valley
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Cast: Leo Giamani, Jeremy Bilding, Park Wiley, Pat Bateman, Shawn Hunter, Jake Wolfe, Ryan Buckley.

"It's a beautiful day and Shawn, Pat, and Jake are throwing a charity car wash for their favorite frat, Kappa Omega Kappa (KOK). Leo and Jeremy pull up and are informed that the price is negotiable and by donation only. After taking a quick look at the three hunks getting ready to clean the car,

Leo gets some dirty thoughts and makes a big donation of $100.
The guys start to wash the car and goof around a bit when Jake peers inside the car and notices something else is getting polished. He calls over Shawn and Pat and they swing open the doors to find Jeremy going down on Leo. Jeremy asks if they are enjoying the show and within no time all the guys are getting it on.

If those five studs weren't enough, they pop open the back hatch to discover Ryan and Park curled up giving each other mutual blow jobs. After that it's a near free for all suck and fuck. Although the car is dirtier afterwards than when they started, it looks like everyone got their money's worth.

"New guy" Ryan Buckley comes to the gym for personal training, but before long, he's got trainer Jeremy Bilding right where he wants him, as he sucks on Jeremy's big dick. Bystander Leo Giamani gets turned on by the action and starts stroking his own enormous piece of meat. Soon, it's wild three-way sucking and stroking action, as Ryan uses his pierced tongue and lip to up the pleasure factor. Then Ryan starts getting it from both ends, with Leo up his ass and Jeremy in his mouth. The hard core three-way action that follows - all of it bareback - puts all three guys through quite a workout. By the end, Leo and Jeremy are drenched in sweat, while Ryan is drenched in cum - from all three guys.

Romance is in the air as two couples go on a picnic. Their basket is full with all the picnic necessities - the champagne, the strawberries, the hot dogs, and the lube. Oh, it's one of those kinds of picnics - a bareback love fest under the summer sun. Jeremy Bilding and Park Wiley start the romantic action first, but Jake Wolfe and Ryan Buckley aren't far behind. Jeremy douses Park in champagne and then sensuously licks it off him. Still hungry after the hot dogs, Jake and Ryan taste each other's meat. Jeremy gives Park a fast and furious fucking, with Park cumming big but wanting more. Meanwhile, Ryan rides Jake's big dick like a bucking bronco, ultimately shooting a giant creamy load. It doesn't take long for Jake to fire off a nice load of his own. By the end of the afternoon, with their energy spent, the couples are left cuddling in the sun.

Leo and Jeremy are two models at a photo shoot for men's swimwear. Things start innocently enough as they pose, with help from photo assistant Park. As the suits get briefer, and Park keeps wetting them down, Leo and Jeremy get comfortable with each other and the action starts to get steamy. The photographer leaves to get supplies, and tells Park to "get the model's pouches bigger." He eagerly tackles that assignment, and before you know it, all suits are off and there's a hot three-way happening on the set. Park takes it up the ass from Jeremy while he sucks on Leo's huge cock. Being an equal opportunity assistant, Park then gets fucked by Leo. One by one, Park and the models shoot their big loads, only to be discovered by the returning photographer. It's hard to say whether the photographer got the shots he was looking for, but Park, Leo and Jeremy sure got theirs."

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