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Corbin Fisher - Pack 1 (ACM0001 - ACM0020)
These are 18 of the very earliest CF clips!  This pack contains the following:

ACM0001 - J.C.
ACM0002 - Troy
ACM0003 - Paul
ACM0004 - Mark
ACM0005 - Cory
ACM0006 - Jacob
ACM0008 - Daniel
ACM0009 - Nate
ACM0010 - Ethan
ACM0011 - Seth
ACM0012 - Sean
ACM0014 - Caleb
ACM0015 - Jeremy
ACM0016 - Chris
ACM0017 - Jacob Returns
ACM0018 - Seth & Jeremy
ACM0019 - Troy Returns
ACM0020 - Colin

With only two exceptions, they are in 640p format, and all bar one are solo scenes.  Although without the polished finish of CF’s later productions, this rare collection is still a must for CF addicts!
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