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Helix Studios - Helix RealCam Bareback Boyfriends (HXM039)
Helix RealCam: Bareback Boyfriends (HXM039)

Studio: Helix Studios
Release Date: 12 January, 2015
Run Time: 2:32:32
Performers: Jessie Montgomery, Jamie Sanders, Roman Daniels, Stefan Nash, Scotty Clarke, Zac Stevens, Max Carter, Kyle Ross.

The GoPro cameras are back to capture more amateur Porn Star action with the Helix Real Camâ„¢. Experience the love life of Max & Kyle as they give an honest and vulnerable interview about their relationship before retreating to the privacy and comfort of their bedroom for some hard pounding action captured from every angle. Southern boyfriends Zac & Scotty are next to share the secrets that have helped keep them together before a bareback flip fuck that only true lovers could deliver. Join all the boyfriends as they document their most intimate moments in beautiful HD because love this deep is made to be admired.

Scene 1:
Performers: Scotty Clarke, Zac Stevens
The Helix Real Cam takes you inside the love life of sexy Southern boyfriends Zac & Scotty. From the humble beginnings of their relationship meeting at McDonald's to the prank Zac pulled on Scotty during their first date to their passionate daily sex romps, the boys reveal all the intimate secrets that have helped keep them together. A love this deep is made to be admired and the boyfriends are happy to oblige with a bareback flip fuck like only true lovers can deliver.

Scene 2:
Performers: Roman Daniels, Stefan Nash
In the second installment of Helix Real Cam we find real life boyfriends Roman Daniels and Stefan Nash reflecting on how they met, what it's like dating a fellow porn star and other sexy secrets about their relationship. Join the hot twink boyfriends for some quality alone time as they invite you into their home for some intimate fucking with the Helix Real Cam.

Scene 3:
Performers: Jessie Montgomery, Jamie Sanders
Boyfriends Jessie Montgomery and Jamie Sanders share the story of how they first met as flirty new Helix Studios models before inviting you into their bedroom for an intimate Real Cam fuckfest. They put on a show that only true Porn Star lovers could deliver as the bareback boys flip-fuck showing off all their favorite positions.

Scene 4:
Performers: Max Carter, Kyle Ross
An honest and vulnerable look at the relationship of boyfriend porn stars Max Carter and Kyle Ross. The young men reflect on love, work and real sex before retreating with the cameras to the privacy and comfort of their bedroom. A few well-placed GoPros help Max and Kyle document themselves at their most intimate, ultimately combining the natural live-action approaches of both POV and Gonzo style filmmaking.
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