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Bite Marks (2011) - Untouched Full BD25
bite marksstephen geoffreysgay vampiresblu-raybd25
Truck-driver Brewster takes over his missing brother's delivery of a load of coffins to a funeral home. He picks up hitchhiking gay couple Cary and Vogel whose relationship is in trouble to help him stay awake but when his GPS leads them into a deserted junkyard, his truck breaks down, stranding them. NIght falls, and the coffins reveal blood-thirty vampires. Now the mismatched trio must barricade themselves in the cab of the truck and try to survive until dawn...

NOTE that except for a brief appearance by Stephen Geoffreys (Evil Ed from "Fright Night"), who gets to repeat his famous line "You're so cool, Brewster!", this movie has nothing at all to do with Fright Night and is not any sort of spin-off or semi-sequel.
That's a common misconception. This movie stands on its own.
Highly recommended! A lot of fun!

This has optional English SDH subtitles.

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