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BrokeStraightBoys - Passionate Fucking With Jos Alvarez and Sky Clesi (1080p)
Released April 29, 2019

Sky Clesi is paired up with one of our most gentle and passionate guys, Jos Alvarez, so he doesn’t have to be to worried about his virgin ass as he prepares to bottom for Jos today.  But before they get to the fucking, they take their time with each other getting warmed up as they kiss and undress, Jos going down on Sky as he deepthroats that sweet cock.  As much as Sky doesn’t want Jos’s warm, wet mouth off his cock, it’s his turn to deliver next as he takes Jos in his mouth and sucks on that dick, reaching up to play with his nipples as Jos’s prick grows harder against his tongue.

When it’s time to fuck, Jos goes easy on Sky’s tight little hole, easing him into it nice and gentle, very slowly filling Sky with his hard cock and letting his ass stretch around his fat dick as Sky gently works his own member.  But once Sky has warmed up to that long shaft in his ass, Jos doesn’t take it easy anymore and pounds him hard, fucking him fast and deep with his raw cock until Sky is begging for it harder!  Jos’s amazing dick and expert skills have Sky moaning for more as he lies on his back, legs spread and dick in hand until both these guys bust a huge nut and leave Sky covered in hot cum!
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