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Treasure Island - Breeding Season 2 - How It's Done (Lito Cruz and Gavin Strong)
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When two men truly connect, the sexual energy is strong enough to radiate a mile in every direction. If we could harness the energy that resulted when we put LITO CRUZ and [GAVIN] together, the world would never need oil or coal again. These guys are seasoned masters at the art of fucking. First the warm-up: [GAVIN] orally worships LITO's humongous uncut cock. And LITO tongues and sucks [GAVIN'S] hungry fuckhole.
When LITO slides that endless mega-schlong deep into [GAVIN;S] guts and starts making with the magic moves, the primal fuck-energy really starts to radiate. And when the action ramps up and really gets agoing, [GAVIN] whimpers and cries like a fuckaholic lunatic: that cock inside him is making him see stars!
When [GAVIN] slurs "Breed my ass--that's what it's for!" you know he means it, but good. And LITO delivers, ram-slamming his load deep. This is a fuck-coupling for the ages. Simple, straightforward, real, deep, perfect.
This is how it's done.
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