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MEN - Dickstraction Part 2 - Jax and Argos (1080p)
Released May 14, 2019

Argos can't take his eyes off of his hot step-dad Jax. He's decided that enough is enough and he's going to do whatever it takes to seduce him. The fit dark haired cutie shows off his rock hard body and perfect ass, but nothing is getting Jax's attention. However, when Argos sustains a light cranial trauma from an ill-placed rake, Jax's paternal instincts kick in and Argos has the perfect opportunity to make his interest known. Argos sucks the fit daddy's cock long and deep, working it hard with his hands and mouth. Jax can't hide his excitement pounding the bearded stud's tight hole until they both shoot their huge creamy loads.

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(Just filling in the gaps of the full 1080p version of MEN vids.)

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