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Triumvirate - Jungle Jism
Studio: Triumvirate Productions
Director: Rolf Hammerschmidt
Source: United Kingdom


Ace Reardon
Anthony Pegasus
Giorgio D'Napoli
Hudson Grant
Ivan Jakov
Kalib Mohamed
Mark Reeves
Nico Carter
Picco Morales
Pierre L'Fontaine

Jungle Jism is actually a Triumvirate film with the original title of Jungle Voodoo. Who knows what this film is really about. It doesn't matter anyway, as it features ten sexy eighteen and nineteen year old boys running round practically naked and having non-stop gay sex. The boys are very handsome, and the sex is great. The lads do it in twos and groups and they fuck and wank over each other, with many of the lads taking spunk in the face. If you like slim smooth young boys in outdoor settings, then you will enjoy this release. Cast: Hudson Grant, Giorgio D'Napoli, Mark Reeves, Pierre L'Fontaine, Ivan Jakov, Nico Carter, Kalib Mohamed, Ace Reardon, Picco Morales, Anthony Pegasus
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