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BadPuppy - Dan Johnson & Sam Barclay
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Sam Barclay is usually on the other side of the camera filming; but, when he met Dan Johnson, Dan made it clear that he would shoot a video; but, he wanted Sam to be in the video with him. Before Sam can get Dan out of his clothes, Sam gets a good look at Dan’s thickening cock and everything stops so Sam can wrap his lips around it. Sam proceeds to pleasure Dan’s big, thick dick until Dan pulls Sam up from his knees and he swallows Sam’s cock and returns the pleasure. After some intense cock sucking Dan feels the need to get his dick wet again and as he bends Sam over the sofa he plunges his cock deep into Sam’s waiting hole. Dan goes to work fucking the hell out of Sam; but, soon Sam wants to take the top position. He sits Dan down on the sofa and then Sam sits down on Dan’s cock and continues the ass fucking he was getting a few moments ago. Sam ultimately winds up on his back, his legs in the air. Dan mounts him again and proceeds to fuck Sam’s ass with all the intensity of rabbits fucking. The excitement sends Dan over the edge first and as he pulls out of Sam’s ass he shoots a load of jizz all over Sam’s cock and balls. Sam can’t hold it any longer and as he jerks his cock; his pent-up load spews out all over his stomach and cock.
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