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Ma vie en rose / My Life in Pink (1997) with Eng, Ch subtitles
TransgenderGayComedyChildren and FamilyClassicsEurope
Country: Belgium, France, UK
Language: French
Director: Alain Berliner
Cast: Georges Du FresneMichèle LaroqueJean-Philippe Écoffey
Awards: Golden Globe Awards 1998 - Best Foreign Language Film, BAFTA Awards 1998 - Best Film not in the English Language Nomination, European Film Awards 1997 - European Screenwriter of the Year

Mr. and Mrs. Fabre don't think much about their seven-year-old son trying on his mother's clothes or his insistence on growing his hair out long. Until the day they host a party in their new suburban neighborhood, and Ludovic comes out on the porch dressed as a pink princess! Some of the neighbors are colleagues of Mr. Fabre, including his boss, whose son Jerome goes to school with Ludovic. Things grow increasingly uncomfortable as Ludovic develops an intense romantic identification with his favorite cartoon, TV and video characters - all girls - and sets up a mock marriage with Jerome. He innocently tries to convince everyone he knows that he is really a girl, that his being born a boy was a mistake that will someday be fixed by doctors.
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