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Cum Club - Hot Junk In My Face
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Twenty-one year old Roman was quite nervous. He calms down just as soon as he gets naked and shows us his junk. And what hot junk it is! Seriously look at those nuts! They’re like a work of art. Art that needs to be tasted & gobbled down… Hot Junk in my Face -

Roman gets a nice ball massage then inserts his dick into Aaron’s. Roman slowly gets harder and harder as his cock & balls continue to get played with.

Hot Junk in my Face - Roman slaps his cock on Aaron’s his face. Now Roman sits up on the edge of the sofa & we get a great view of his fantastic low hanging balls. Hot Junk in my Face -

Aaron concentrates his mouth on Roman’s cock head and really starts to get into this suck-off. Roman tells Aaron to “suck it, just like that”.

Roman grabs and plays with Aaron’s hair as the master cock-sucker works on his junk. As Roman gets close, he keeps telling Aaron not to stop. As if!
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