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Prisoner of War (2014) Icon Male
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4 scenes, 1080p

director Nica Noelle

Billy Santoro
Brandon Wilde
Colt Rivers
Liam Harkmoore
Ludo Sander
Rob Yaeger
Tommy Defendi
Ty Roderick

As a Prisoner of War, he knew the meaning of sacrifice. The year is 1942, and hot, young American soldiers are risking life and limb to fight against the threat of Nazi invasion. But when a sadistic German officer (Rob) captures hot, angry private Ty, a different kind of power struggle begins - including with seductive Liam. Fully uniformed Billy takes his anger out on Colt. Watch gorgeous but deranged Prisoner of War Tommy turn on his own young comrade Luke while cute Private Brandon is brutally forced to give up classified information to Yeager - or else.

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