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Barcelona Summer Night (2013) 720p BluRay x264-MM
BarcelonaMidsummer's Eve19-year-oldClosetedFootball PlayerComing OutComedyRomance

Barcelona Summer Night (2013)
Barcelona nit d'estiu (original release) (original title)
1h 36min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 6th September 2013 (Spanish BD)

Country: Spain
Language: Catalan
Subtitles: English, Spanish (optional)
Director: Dani de la Orden
Writers: Daniel González, Eric Navarro
Stars: Francesc Colomer, Monner, Luis Fernández, Marc Garcia Coté,  Joan Dausà..
IMDb: 6.3/10 (986)

1 win & 3 nominations

New relationships bloom in Barcelona as a comet illuminates the skyline.

As the comet Rose crosses the skies of the city of Barcelona - a spectacle that will not be seen again for hundreds of years - it's magic causes multiple love stories to flourish. An atmosphere of dreams, hopes and desire mixed to give a special connection between people. A dinner among friends with a love of life is coupled with a first time encounter that can change their lives and revive old ties that clash. In parallel, the struggle between friendship and love strikes, a clandestine love between gay athletes who make a tough decision.

Variations of love (Gay, Bisexual, Str8, Lesbian) and all its glorious forms are explored through concurrent narratives, ranging from the uncertainty of young love to the bitterness of tough love, from the nostalgia of past love to the excitement of new love, and even an amusing love triangle. Over the course of this night, each character will experience the challenges that come with opening their heart. Barcelona’s many personalities are revealed as the tales play out in the city’s clubs, magical rooftops, apartments, and enviable beach. By the time the comet passes, decisions will be made that will result in hearts broken, hearts mended, and hearts discovered.

Plot Keywords: Barcelona, Catalan, Midsummer Eve's, Football Team, Closeted, Gay Athletes, Romance, Gay, Bisexual, Str8, 19-year-old, First Love, Coming Out..

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