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TIM - Fucktards sc 1 (Luca Bondi & John Dahl)
JOHN DAHL came to me as a photo model. "That's all I'll do," he told me. Here's Trevor setting up for the photo shoot, and a shot of John's amazing torso. At the end of the shoot I suggested he might enjoy being in one of my vids. "No, thanks. I've got a job and a reputation." He said it firmly. He meant it. But I gave him one of my videos. And a week later he called back. I knew I had one chance and one only. So the very next day I flew LUCA BONDI up and introduced them. One hour later, we were shooting the two fucking like their lives depended on it. This wasn't "just" sex. This was two men merging. When JOHN saw LUCA's bloated, uncut cock swinging thick and heavy between those big meaty Italian thighs, he went into total submission. The word "passion" originally meant "complete submission." And JOHN gave himself over totally to the primal muscular power of LUCA. Afterward, I asked JOHN how it had felt. "Like he was taking a fucking core-sample of my soul." While he was still naked, dazed and dripping fuck-sweat, I handed JOHN a contract and a pen. "Sign it," I said. Without saying a word, he signed. I got him. Yeah, he may lose his day job. But I can guarantee he'll never complain.

You're going to love this guy.
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