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William Higgins – Str8hell – Petr Ujen vs Petr Urana – WRESTLING (720p)
Nude wrestlingHunksEuro BoyMuscleMasturbation

Released: 26 October 2018

Petr Urana and Petr Ujen are paired in a submission wrestling match. Wearing just their underwear they start with some stretching exercises. Then they start the match, quickly rolling all over the mat as they each try to get a decent hold on the other. They each put in so much effort and it is Petr Ur who is rewarded with the first point. He suggests they oil each other, which they proceed to do. Then they resume the match, the oily bodies glistening as the grapple. They slip and slide all over the mats, grabbing at each other and soon both are fully naked, exposing cocks and asses. The cocks flail and the asses spread as the wrestle. With points hard to come by it is Petr Ur who gains the second. Petr Uj resorts to grabbing cock and balls as he tries to score a first point. Petr Ur does the same and gets another point. He continues to score, whilst never submitting to gain the victory. Then they sit on the mats to wank. They wank each other for a brief time too. Then they try to get Petr Uj to suck the winners dick, to no avail. They each wank hard and fast with Petr Uj winning the race to cum, his his cum all over the floor. Petr Ur continues to wank until he release a little cum too. Then they wipe each other's cocks clean and go off to the showers to wash up.

Actor:    Petr Ujen, Petr Urana

Duration : 36 min 07 s
1280x720 3000kbps
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