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BoyFun - Metro Meat Up - Jerome James, Taylor Blaze - MP4 1080p
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Added: Jul 27th, 2018


Jerome James steps off the train and immediately encounters what might just be the hottest welcoming committee any city could boast. Blond boy Taylor Blaze is suddenly his very good friend, like a long lost lover he hasn't seen for too many months. With a little polite chit chat the two are soon heading for some privacy where their lips lock and the two start to get to know each other in ways only boys like these do. Taylor's cock is quickly between Jerome's lips while the boy kneels and worships his delicious dong, sucking it up to full hardness while he reveals his own engorged length and jerks off. He clearly loves the taste of a good dick, but Taylor is eager to show he has just as much skill in the oral department. Once he starts on that rock solid cock he doesn't seem to want to stop, his tongue sliding up and down the rigid length, slurping on the swollen tip, swallowing as much as he can handle. Jerome might be happy to let him continue, but he wants a taste of the boy's perfect ass before he gets his own hole stuffed. He licks and tongues between Taylor's gorgeous buns, savoring the taste of the boys musk, then gets a final taste of that handsome pink boner before sliding his hole down on it. Jerome loves to get fucked, that's clear, his shaved cock throbs with delight while he's being fucked from below, but he's more than capable of giving it too. With his aching butt partially pleased he takes his turn, bending the blond boy over and stuffing his own awesome cock deep into Taylor's plump little rump, fucking him from behind. Neither of these horny boys can get enough, it seems. With ass-to-mouth action Jerome gets a taste of his own hole from his buddy's cock, then gets another thorough fucking on the floor before stealing pole position for one last hurrah deep in Taylor's pucker which is enough to have them both ready to spill their seed. Jerome strokes his nut out while Taylor works his balls for him, wanking himself off until his own cum is splashing around like an out of control sprinkler head!

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