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Second Life of Thieves / 偷‧情 (2014) with Eng, Ch subtitles
GayRomanceFamilySoutheast Asia
Country: Malaysia, Netherlands, Switzerland
Language: Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay
Director: WOO Ming-jin
Actor: CHUNG Kok Keong, Mayjune Tan, Berg Lee
Awards: Busan International Film Festival 2015, Singapore International Film Festival 2014, Malaysian Film Week 2015
Subtitles (hard):  English, Chinese
Duration:  01:28:18
In a small fishing village in Malaysia there are no secrets, unless you are the village elder Mr. Tan. One day he discovers that his wife has disappeared and the rumor is that his best friend Mr. Lai accompanied her. This bit of news is particularly disconcerting for Tan, since he has hidden a love affair with Lai for decades. Tan embarks on a journey with Lai’s daughter in search of past loves and losses. With a fluid camera and poetic lens, director Woo Ming Jin travels 30 years through time to capture the mysteries of the heart and longings of the soul.
IMDb: 6,1/10
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