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CollegeDudes - Adrian Suarez and Mike Monroe
Released May 30, 2019

Adrian Suarez and Mike Monroe are both sexy guys eager to bust a nut and so they waste no time pressing their lips together to exchange a few kisses before Adrian is on his knees giving Mike head.  That cock grows big and hard in his mouth and then it’s Adrian’s turn to get his meat sucked by Mike, lying back and watching him work that big dick with his soft, wet lips.
When Mike has Adrian hard as fuck, he climbs on top if him and sits on that dick, pulling it slowly into his ass as he starts riding it, taking it all as he fucks himself with that hard cock.  But Adrian wants it harder and faster, laying Mike on his back and driving his dick into him, deeper than before as he leans forward to kiss Mike while he fucks him.  Pounding into him, Adrian fills Mike’s ass until both these guys nut hard, leaving Mike cum covered and sore!
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