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Falcon - Upperclassman (1978) DVD
barabackvintageclassicanaloralpre-condomcollegefratboysshot on film
director Bill Clayton (Matt Sterling)

Brian Reed
Hal Drake
Luke (Philip Wagner)
Mark Perry
Mike Cole

UPPERCLASSMAN Parts 1 and 2: Handsome Mark Perry is upperclassman President of the campus Student Council. And he's got the hots for the newest Council member, sexy Brian Reed. Following the weekly meeting of the student body group, these two studs take up an agenda of their very own, which includes lots of heavy body gropes as they explore each other's horny manliness.Wide-eyed freshman Luke witnessess them literally tabling their emotions and is drawn into the action for his own go at Perry's fuck-hungry cock.

CELLBLOCK Parts 1 and 2: Mike Cole's been charged with indecent exposure and thrown into jail for the weekend. To make matters worse, one of his guards, Hal Drake, catches him beating his meat in frustration over his predicament. While Drake stares with curious indifference, Cole's mind races with fantasies of making it with this mean-looking big-dicked stud. Nightstick and cop-cock up his hot, twitching asshole, that massive prick-club choking his beautiful asscheeks, their muscular bodies gobbed in torrents of cum. When fantasies become reality, it's a weekend lockup to remember!

Uploader's Note: this film is only 36 minutes long, and there are no extras on the DVD.

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