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HardBritLads - Fraser Jacs and Troy Haydon (1080p)
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Released - 29 March 2012

A hot and passionate video, with handsome, dark, hairy chested footballer Fraser Jacs, and tall tattooed stunner Troy Haydon. Right from the start these two have the hots for each other and are feeling rampant, with hardons straining to get out of their shiny sports shorts. They are kneeling on the bed, kissing and groping each others throbbing stiffies. They pull off their tops and indulge in some hot mutual nipple play, with more kissing and cock rubbing. They reach inside each others shorts to get a better feel, then pull their dicks out from their shorts. Both are rock hard and uncut, Frasers cock is pretty thick too, with big heavy balls. They kiss and wank each other. Troy stands up to get sucked, pushing his cock into Frasers mouth. He starts gently fucking his mouth and Fraser takes it well, managing to suck deep. Fraser speeds up, sucking harder and faster, then jerks Troy off a bit. Then some slow, deep, sensual sucking with a little deepthroat action too. They sit down on the bed, leaning back. Fraser takes off his shorts, and leans back to let Troy suck him. Troy clearly loves to suck, and does it well, taking Frasers thick uncut meat deep into his mouth, then spitting on it, getting it really wet and juicy, rubbing the spit in, jerking him off, before sucking him again, deep and passionate. He licks up and down the shaft of Frasers cock, then around the big throbbing head, pleasuring it with his tongue. Next, Troy leans back, and Fraser works his way down Troys body with his mouth, sucking on his nipples and licking his abs before taking his stiff dick into his mouth again. He sucks it deep and slow, then speeds up, before getting a strong and vigorous facefucking from Troy who grips his head as he thrusts his dick hard into Frasers mouth. Fraser is on all fours now, his strong muscular arse in the air, facing us. Troy pulls his butt cheeks apart and spits into his hole, getting it nice and wet, then takes his time licking it and spitting into it, rubbing it, getting Fraser hot and horny and ready for a fucking. For the first position, the guys lay on their sides, spooning style, and Troy spits into his hand and rubs the spit into Frasers hole. He gently pushes his hard dick in, easing it in all the way, making Fraser moan. He starts to fuck him with long steady strokes, then quickly begins to speed up, getting hard and faster. Fraser jerks himself off as he gets fucked, keeping himself rock hard. Next, they are standing against the wall. Fraser leans into it whilst Troy teases his hole with his stiff dick before pushing it back inside him. As before, he begins with long steady strokes, but quickly speeds up, getting strong and passionate. The lads are both pretty sweaty by this point, and the fucking gets harder, as Troy really pounds Frasers meaty muscular butt. For the last position, Fraser is laying on his back, his arse on the edge of the bed, with Troy kneeling, holding Frasers legs wide apart. He pushes his dick back into Frasers butt, and quickly starts pounding him again. The fucking is strong and passionate here, with both lads ready to shoot their loads. They fuck hard for as long as they can, but Fraser cant hold off any longer, and as Troy thrusts into him, he shoots, thick and heavy and plenty of it, his white jizz pumping out all over his chest. Troy pulls out and moves round to kneel over Frasers face. He jerks off hard and very quickly he is ready to shoot, and his thick hot spunk spurts onto Frasers face and mouth. Frasers opens his mouth to lick the last few drops of it as they both catch their breath, exhausted. A very hot and sticky scene.

Day 8: Fraser Jacs
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