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Colby Knox - Three Way Fuck with Oliver Saxon - BONUS (1080p)
Released August 25, 2019

In this weeks new bonus video release from ColbyKnox we have a bit of a blast from the past with Oliver Saxon!!! The upside of having a stockpile of past videos yet to be released is every one gets an occasional surprise highlighting models we haven’t had in town for sometime. Oliver Saxon is an energetic ripped little Twink with no shortage of spunk and lust. The video starts out with Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox making Oliver the center of attention and worshiping his tight smooth physique and his damn near vertically hard cock. However it doesn’t take long before both the boys are gunning for Oliver Saxons tight round ass. He gets a little bit of both the boys in him before Mickey Knox (Not one to let another model have all the bottoming fun) is offering his plump cheeks up for both Colby and Oliver to go for a ride. Sandwiching, blowjobs, twinks and muscle, no matter your taste, this video has a little something for everyone!!! ENJOY!!!

(Note: anal scenes between Colby and Mickey are bareback; anal scenes with Oliver are with a condom. The tags have been amended to include condom use. Thanks to merboy69 for the callout.)
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