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Staxus - Staxus Classic: Raw Combat - Scene 4 - Remastered - Thomas Dyk, John Paul
Cleaning boots in the army is an essential, but not exactly exciting duty; but for young John Paul it’s a task that clearly holds special memories, as he takes a few moments to reminisce about a particularly horny encounter with none other than STAXUS legend, Thomas Dyk. Not that Paul has any intention of enjoying anything other than a much-needed wank at the start of this escapade; using a sock to put over his dick as he jerks himself off. But his plans quickly go awry when Dyk unexpectedly steps into the room – though it soon becomes clear that the turn of events is more akin to a lucky break than misfortune. After all, Dyk is more than willing to take full advantage of the situation – as you’d expect from a fellow of his notoriety! – and before the young cadet has chance to think about it he’s getting his arse greased up with boot polish so that Dyk can finger it!

Not that this lad is going to be happy with a mere fingering, of course. No, it’s not until he’s got Dyk banging him balls-deep that his satisfaction starts to show; moaning and groaning like a bitch on heat as his superior pummels into his guts. It might be at this point that you possibly wonder whether Dyk’s own preference for acting as bottom has been superseded for once.

Don’t despair, though. Having shown Paul what to do, Dyk’s soon on his back with his legs outstretched – an open invitation, as it were, for Paul to respond in kind. Suffice it to say, it’s a move that soon has the fellow creaming all over his belly; before Paul unloads his own creamy brew onto Dyk’s ever-reliant outstretched tongue!

Released: 5 July, 2016

Original: 05/07/2016 -matthewmancs
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