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Palomino Films - El Gran Rabo
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Studio: Palomino Films.  Released: 1998.  Language: Spanish.  Length: 1:06:06.  Frame: 352 x 288.

Cast: Alberto A. Gomes, Alberto Lopez, Antonio F. Silva, Fernando Cid, Jose A. Sanz, Luis Faria, Marco A. Puente, Papp Tamas, Sergey Mironchuk.

Scene 1:
In a bar with blond leather padding around the bar and blond leather barstools, a customer (shorter, short bristly brown hair parted in center, black jacket) enters and after a short conversation sucks the bartender (tall, close-cut black hair, long face, black vest, left hoop earring, neck chain with ring, long square sideburns, square outline tattoo on left deltoid) who sits on the bar; bartender tops customer from behind as customer kneels on a barstool; on green high-backed couch with red spots, bartender tops customer sideways, biting his ear, and on his knees; customer sits on bartender; bartender j.o.'s followed by customer.

Scene 2:
In a crowded gay bar, pickups are made; one couple goes to a large beige bathtub with brown marble tile walls; there an unidentified young model (long dark blond hair parted in the center, hoop earrings) sucks another unidentified young model (short black hair); brunette tops blond from behind standing; blond sits on brunette in a corner of the tub; they continue on a towel on the floor; blond rides brunette; brunette tops blond sideways; they j.o.

Scene 3:
Another pickup couple goes to a bedroom; on a double bed with a low yellow padded headboard and a yellow pillow and a blue pillow with sunflowers, an unidentiified young model (tanned, hairy) sucks an unidentified young model (pale, long square sideburns, right red wristband, large flower tattoo on right calf); they 69; pale model tops tanned model in missionary position, sideways, and on his knees; they j.o.

Scene 4:
At a nightclub, the bartender from scene 1 (red t-shirt, neck chain with ring, clean shaven) watches a muscular dancer (black leather jacket, sunglasses, tattoo on upper right arm, left nipple ring) perform on a small smoky stage with red curtains; the bartender and another customer (ponytail, white shirt, red pants, yellow briefs, mustache, stubbly goatee, left hoop earring, several chains, tattoo on left groin) go onstage to suck the dancer; they are joined by a third young guy (vertically striped shirt); all suck the dancer; the dancer comes on a bowl of dry cereal and offers it to the bartender and the ponytail; the ponytail model is invited back to suck some more; the ponytail performs a couple of tricks onstage; the dancer tops the ponytail in missionary position and sideways from behind; the dancer j.o.'s on the ponytail; the ponytail model invites the striped-shirt guy (now in a gray t-shirt) to come up and suck; he sucks the ponytail model onstage on a black-covered bed; the ponytail model sucks and then tops the striped-shirt guy from behind on his knees and in missionary position; they j.o.
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