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College Boy Physicals - Blow And Go
So as I was walking around campus I noticed a small flier by the library bathroom..."Holiday Sperm Drive" so I walked over to the clinic and talked to the nurse. She said $200.00 if I can produce a good load. Being that I'm broke as fuck I told her I wouldn't disappoint...she directs me to the exam room and tells me to squeeze one out...fuck I was horny as hell so this was a no brainer...but as I walked in a see another kid waiting to see the doc..I told em that I just needed to bust this nut for two hundred bucks. As I undressed and hopped on the table I felt this kid staring at I did what any horny college dude would do....asked him to help a brother out...He seemed kinda excited in a way and jumped up to service my shlong. He sucked my dick real good yo! He went allll the way one point I thought he was gonna puke on me for deep throating my meat. After I busted...I did what I'd normally do with any brojob...thanked 'em and off I went!
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