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GayHoopla - Derek Jones Fucks Tight Bottom Julian Rodriguez
We all know Derek "Dirty D" Jones loves to have his way with those tiny boys that he can just throw around. Well, why not serve him up the fit, sexy, teen boy, Julian Rodriguez on a silver plater so Derek can do as he pleases!?

So, we did just that. There is something else that is important to mention here, though. Julian had been reading some of the comments members have left on some of his prior GayHoopla scenes and noticed that many of them beg and plead Julian to bottom. He appreciated the love and decided that he would give the fans what they want! If that isn't an incentive to comment below your favorite videos, I don't know what is!

Derek is a true showman and can't wait to start tossing Julian around. He even throws Julian up on his shoulders and does some squats with him on his back to warm up! Things only get more pumped up and hotter from there. Check it out to find out the rest for yourself image

June 8, 2018
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