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Guys in Sweatpants - Mateo's Facial - Mateo Vice and Theo Brady (1080p)
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If there's anything Mateo loves more than a big dick, it's a big dick getting lubed up and shoved in him. So knowing Theo is hung was torture for Mateo all weekend until they finally got to fuck...and it was totally worth the wait. We left the beach after Mateo said he was ready to suck some dick, and that's exactly what he got to do. Theo's big dick was no match for Mateo's throat though. There was a couple times it looked like Theo's 8" was too much for Mateo to handle, but it was only a "woah!" of pleasure as he went balls deep in his hole. The slapping sound of Theo pounding him is almost hypnotic. But nothing quite like the sound of Theo fucking the load out of Mateo. And if you love facials, you're in for a treat...kind of like Mateo's face was..

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