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Chaosmen 0485 - Barrett & Degan RAW wmv
One thing I have learned about Degan- he likes to sit on a big cock! He just zones out and goes to his happy place!

Barett (of one or two r's..I can't seem to stay consistent on his name!) certainly is packing some meat.

Barett did struggle with the condoms in his video with Stash, so he was relieved we were doing all the testing and going with out.

Degan also admitted it felt a lot better, well, maybe he said 'warmer'.

Again, I got Degan to bust with a cock inside of him. I myself am not so sure. Barett says he was fucking him, and frankly, I don't think Degan can bust without one jabbing him. It just looks a bit suspiciously like maybe he wasn't.

Lots of Raw action in this video. Barett busts all over Degan's ass (who once again is all but asleep after nutting.) rubbing his load all over his ass at butthole!

Original: 19/09/2014 -matthewmancs
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