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Catalina - C1R - Head Coach
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Stars:   Tuck Johnson,  Scott Spears,  Jake Summers,  Sam Burton,  Graham,  
Kirk Van Buren, Eric York, Hans Ebson, Lee Hassalo

Description:   Brad Austin has done it again! The Head Coach is taking names and laying men down! Watch as they all get sweaty and covered in cum in this classic film from Catalina Video.

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Hans Ebson sucks Tuck Johnson. Tuck sucks Hans. They both get in a kneeling position and jack off across from each other and shoot their loads on the floor.

Lee Hassalo sucks Kirk Van Buren. Lee lays down on his back and Kirk goes down and sucks Lee in a 69 position. Lee eats Kirk's ass in the 69 position. Lee jacks off in the 69 position and cums on the side of Kirk's face. Kirk raises up and cums on Lee's chest.

Jake Summers sucks Eric York. Jake lies down on a bench on his back and Eric kneels down and eats Jake's ass. Eric stands up and fucks Jake while he lies on the bench on his back. Eric flips Jake over and Jake gets in a doggie position on the bench and Erik fucks him standing from behind. Eric pulls out and shoots his load on Jake's ass. Jake flips over and lies on his back on the bench and cums on his own stomach.

Length: 1:18:32
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