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ChaosMen - Kurt Tucker Solo
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Release date: August 6, 2018

Video Number: 2160

Kurt Tucker is a semi-local guy. He is gay, and I believe he found ChaosMen via Tumblr.

He hit me up to do a gig, and with him able to drive over, he was in the studio in short order.

Kurt has a furry body, with red pubes. The hair on his head is brown, but the pubes and perhaps his beard fall into the ginger category.

He says he is versatile, but lately has been more into bottoming.

Kurt seemed interested in engaging me while we did the photos, but I thought I would wait to interact with him during the video if he was struggling to get hard when all the video cameras lit up.

He struggled a bit, further hinting I should be helping him out. Sure enough, the closer I got to him, the harder he would get. Nothing like a warm body near you to turn you on!

I reached out and got some nice POV stroking that totally got him in the zone. The rest of the video was a breeze. I got him in passive bottom mode and he liked being told what to do.

For his cum shot, the porn I had for him was not doing it, and again, he seemed focused on me. I slipped my cock out, playing with the pre-cum and which was enough for him to shoot a big load.
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