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The French Connection - The Crave 2
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"The craving continues in the carnal trilogy's second film. No small talk. No story. Just fourteen incredible men hooking up. The Crave Volume 2 features all-consuming sex with the passion only Tom Bradford can bring you.

In Hungary men don't bother with tapping feet and curious hand signals to pick each other up. Tattooed muscle man Lucas Rodriguez waits at the urinal of dingy public bathroom somewhere in Hungary. Hairy man Rob Nelson enters and heads for the toilet, but makes sure to swing his long uncut cock at Lucas who offers his cock up to his new buddy. Rob is on his knees on the dirty floor sucking Lucas, before bending Rob over to plows his hairy ass. A position or two later Rob blows his load with Lucas' thick cock up his ass. After Lucas cums as well they kiss.

Baby-faced fan favorite Adam Gervay hooks up with ripped Tony Magera in a graffiti covered restroom. They watch each other's cock swell and them rub them together, hardening them into impressive proportions. Tony is overcome by Adam's beautiful piece and takes it into his mouth. Adam then sucks Tony as his six pack abs tighten in visible pleasure. They take turns bending each other over for a deep rimming before Adam offers up his beautiful ass which Tony fucks hard and deep. When it is his turn, Tony struggles to sit all the way down on Adam's long cock. Adam cums and Tony shoots his hot load all over Adam's hard pecs...
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