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Waterboyy - The Series (Thailand, EngSubs) Episode 14 of 14
SchoolYouthSportsSwimmingSlow RomanceMultiple CouplesGay CharacterLesbian Character
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Coach Tee has signed Fah up for the last event, without telling him. He comes second in his race. But as the Rector prepares to dissolve the swimming club, because they only got 4 medals, not 5, Fah is bumped to first place after the first place winner is disqualified.

Pan tells Fah she has broken up with Namkheng.

Waii reminds Apo about the bargain they made if he won his race. He asks him to meet him at the diving hall at midnight. Apo says how could I forget, it's your birthday. Then you can be my birthday gift, Waii replies.

Min is summoned, and Fah thanks him for making him compete in his place.

Wan is planning to leave without telling Min.

Midnight, and Apo is waiting at the diving hall. Waii starts his speech to Apo, but he cuts him off as Fay and the rest of the team arrive with a birthday cake. When she asks him to make a wish before blowing out the candles, he says wishing doesn't work, you have to take action. The team maneuvers Fay and Waii together, and says that they're cutting a wedding cake.

Pan is worried about becoming closer with Fah and ruining their friendship.
Min carries a big inflatable "Sorry" sign up to Wan, but it doesn't work. She says maybe you'll understand one day, and walks off. She gets a phonecall telling her that she has an internship waiting for her in the US.

Put and Sing encourage Pan to tell Fah how she feels.

Fay is talking to Kan. She says Waii has changed. He agrees that he is much better now. She says she wants the old Waii back, the one who paid attention to her. Kan says: You mean the Waii who hates everybody and only cares about you? She hangs up on him....
Pan starts to tell Fah how she feels, but he says let's just stay friends.

Apo finds Waii at the pool that night, and asks him to say what he wanted to say. Waii says what's the hurry, you said you'd stay with me forever. Do you still want to be together? Apo says forget that, pretend I never said it. Waii says how can I do that? Apo says it's not possible anymore. Waii says I don't know how I'll go on without you. Apo asks him what about Fay, then tries to leave. Waii grabs him. Apo says It's clear I'm not the one, but Fay is watching, and approaches. Waii says I'm sorry to Fay, and she says to Apo, did you hear that, I'm not the one, and leaves. But Apo leaves too.
Pan and Fah solve their differences and become a couple.

Coach Tee tells his son not to leave things unresolved, and go and be with the person you want to. He finds Fay, and tries to explain how his feelings changed, then she reveals that Apo is going overseas.

Kluay tells Min that Wan is going to America, and the only thing that would keep her here is Min. He races to find her before she leaves. Apo is on the same bus. Min gets there in time, and persuades Wan to stay. Apo says the bus has to leave now.
Waii does not get there in time.

Min and Wan find Waii by himself, and Min gives him the gemstone back. A pre-recorded message pops up on Waii's phone, from Apo at the airport saying that a year without him will allow Waii to focus on what is important to him.

One year later.... all the stories are wrapped up, with a happy ending.
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