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Dick Wadd - Raw Load Takers
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Scene 1 Champ and Rock are cruising one another in the Dick Wadd bathroom. Rock sees that big fuckin' black piece o' meat and his mouth starts watering. Champ spies that hot muscle ass and his enormous cock springs to attention. The fun soon ensues as Rock drops to his knees and starts throating that mega-huge, curved black hog. Champ takes a huge piss and Rock laps up as much of it as he can. The rest goes all over Rock's tank, jock and cock, which just heats him up more. Rock begs for the mondo meat and pushes his perfect, round ass through the hole. Champ fingers and eats the hungry hole as his cock jumps and precums, then he plows the horny ass through the hole. I almost popped a fuckin' nut watching that big fuckin' black pole sliding in and out o' that voraciously hungry manhole. Champ wants to get up close and personal, so he walks over to Rock's stall and pounds him against the wall. The pigs find a bench, Champ lays Rock on it, and Rock takes the big meat on his back. The shots from underneath of Champ's gigantic black meat plunge fucking and hosing down Rock's hungry, red bud sent me over the edge. No red blooded pig will be able to contain his load watchin' this scene. It's really somethin' to feast your eyes on. Later, Champ wants a more advantageous angle, so he throws Rock into the sling, where he expertly pounds his dick-hungry hole, dumps a huge load and breeds the cum and piss whore. They both leave smiling. Scene 2 Furry muscle stud Shay Michaels has wandered into the Dick Wadd bathroom. He looks through the glory hole and finds cute boy Leon Fox playing with his cock. Shay orders the boy to stick his cock through the hole. Leon is all too eager to submit to Shay and does everything he asks of him. Leon gives up that sweeet ass to Shay's big fat cock. Shay has a little surprise for Leon, about a gallon of hot piss streaming from his cock and into Leon's eager open mouth. Shay smacks Leon across the face telling him to swallow every drop. He then finishes Leon off by fucking a huge load into his boy hole. Leon has a load of his own that he shoots all over Shay's well-shined boots. Shay makes Leon clean the cum off his boots with his tongue before leaving the boy exhausted and whimpering on the restroom floor. Scene 3 Leon catches a glimpse o' that big fuckin' package, snags Logan and brings him home. They exchange blow jobs on the couch, then Logan fills Leon's hungry throat with a 3-minute piss load from his huge, veiny, uncut cock. They hit the bed, where Leon chows down on Logan's downy blond ass while throating his 9-incher. That instantly gets Leon's cock hard as steel, so he plows Logan's hot hole. Logan turns the tables and soon has Leon begging for that thick, uncut, 9-inch monster cock. Leon hunkers down on his haunches and rides it, then flips onto his shoulders and takes it up in the air, then finally takes it on his back, along with a huge fuckin' cum load. He rewards Logan for his work with a thick, ropy jizz load all over his beard, which they then make a meal of. The cocks are hard, throbbing and spurting fluids throughout. The action is sensual, rough and fun at the same time. And, of course, it's the only way we like it. raw Scene 4 The Dick Wadd glory hole is once again visited by two hot and horny studs. Sebastian Rio and his big Latin un-cut cock are ready to service Rok Rangel's sweet mouth and furry butt. Sebastian face fucks Rok through the glory hole, then fucks his ass. Sebastian wants to see what he has been fucking so he drags Rok to his side of the stall and wets him down with some hot latin piss. He bends Rok over and fucks him some more. That un-cut dick feels so good up Rok's ass he can't hold back and shoots a creamy load while getting pounded hard against the bathroom wall. Rok has some piss of his own he wants to share so he wets down Sebastian's boots. Sebastian pushes Rok to the floor demanding he licks the piss off his boots. Sebastian then face fucks Rok till he shoots a big load of Latin cum all over Rok's face.
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