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Sean Cody - Brysen & Wagner Sc2510 - 480p
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Sean Cody - Brysen & Wagner Sc2510 - 480p
Release Date: November 3, 2018
Duration: 33m 3s

Description Muscular Brysen sat down to talk with us about his scene partner, slender hunk Wagner. “I usually like bottoming, but lately I’ve been craving topping out some of these guys,” says brown-haired Brysen. “I browsed him a little bit, but I wanted to leave something to the imagination. Leave something up to figuring out in the bedroom. It takes away all the fun if you already know what’s going to happen.” “We did get to fool around in the pool for a bit. I pushed him in the water and dunked him! When he came up, I ripped those little pants down, and started playing with his butt a little bit. You know, I got to play with his little hole and get it moist and wet.”

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