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TimTales - Emanuel Rucci fucks Dorian Petit 1080p
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The coconut balls Emanuel Rucci meets the sexiest most flexible French bottom. Dorian Petit is ready for another “contemporary dance”. Emanuel's long cock finds the perfect fit in Dorian's perfect ass. He pushes his legs back so he can fuck deeper and deeper.

1920x1080p,  5500kbps,  25fps,  Run Time: 21:01

Dorian Petit - Country of birth: France, Height: 5'7", Weight: 150 lbs, Cock: 7 inches, cut [18 cm]
Dorian is petit but not small! Originally from France, he is a former professional dancer that worked and travelled all around the world. He speaks four languages and is damn right kind and sweet. And did I mention how insanely flexible this guy is? He can get fucked in every existing positions without breaking a sweat. But the best part, he has an incredible buttery hole. It opens in such a perfect way.

Emanuel Rucci - Country of birth: Venezuela, Height: 5'9", Weight: 154 lbs, Cock: 9 inches, uncut [23 cm]
Emanuel is handsome toned and slim but packing like hell! A huge cock with bull size balls. Slapping against an ass, those balls make the sweetest sound while fucking. Overall, a sexy passionate latino with a big cock.
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