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MormonBoyz - Elder Hansen - The Interview
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Elder Hansen has first sexual encounter with a grown man, shortly after fooling around with the other boys in the shower! During Elder Hansen’s Interview, the adorable teen is cross-examined and edged by the commanding Bishop Aaron (a.k.a. Joey Doves). Elder Hansen finds himself becoming more and more aroused as he runs his hand up and down his thick dick for the Bishop to watch. Soon, his mind is racing with sexually charged thoughts. He wonders if his companions were also put through this invasive process in their interviews. Have they revealed the secret sexual rendezvous that took place in the shower to Bishop Doves? Is it possible that the shower with his companions will ultimately be what keeps him from everything he has worked so hard to accomplish?

Somehow, the Bishop’s deep, throaty whisper cuts through the noise in Elder Hansen’s mind. He calms Elder Hansen, telling him to breathe as his excitement reaches a peak it has never before approached. The encouragement and approval of this authoritative, older man is too much for Elder Hansen to bear, and he climactically erupts under the watch of the ravenous bishop — almost against the boy’s will, his hot jism spurts from the tip of his cock.

Is he finished? Did his priesthood leader get what he wanted? Or will there be future appointments here in the temple, Elder Hansen wonders. If he’s hoping for an answer from the bishop, he’s disappointed. He goes to clean himself up. Only time will tell if there will be a future encounter, he supposes.

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