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BearFilms - Marc Angelo and Cooper Hill 2
We hooked Cooper Hill up with rough Daddy Marc Angelo a few weeks ago at our playhouse in New York, and Coop got to ram Marc to the hilt in a thrilling scene. The two bears have been sexting each other ever since and we couldn't resist featuring them in another scene, this time on Marc's home turf in the frozen North. Cooper's horny as hell at the thought of another romp in the sheets with Marc and he's going to grab a quick shower before their tryst, but Marc can't even wait that long. He's watching Coop's every move in the shower and stroking his hard dick, getting ready to penetrate his new fuck buddy's tight hole. Cooper wasn't expecting to bottom for burly bear Marc today, but when Marc says to take his dick, you take it any way he gives it to you. Cooper moans like a tight little farmer getting his first fuck in a hayfield, and Marc thrusts like the proverbial bull, muscles rippling, ass pumping and sweat matting down his thick chest hair. What a way to jumpstart the New Year!
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