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Sean Cody - 2497 - Thomas and Lane Bareback (720p)
sean codythomaslanebarebackanaloral
Released October 4, 2018

Chiseled, blonde-haired Thomas is looking forward to his first time getting it on with athletic Lane. “What are you most looking forward too?” asks Lane. “I just wanna suck dick. That’s it! That’s what I want!” answers Thomas. “That’s it? We’ll get to that. We’ll round all the bases,” giggles tattooed Lane. “I’ll need you to demonstrate it first though,” says boyish cutie Thomas. “I can do that. I’ll show you the ropes,” replies Lane. They can feel the time to fuck approaching as they get ready to make their way indoors. “Let’s go!” enthusiastically says Lane. “I can’t wait!” replies Thomas.
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