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Kristen Bjorn - Manwatcher
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The story opens with Botos as he looks into our eyes and says that in life he finds two types of men: watchers and doers. He has always been a watcher on the outside looking in. He wants to act out his passions but he's afraid to do so. Instead he lives them through strangers, as they do what he cannot. He follows Kalman Faludi and Randy Foreman, both dark and incredibly handsome, back to Faludi's expansive house where they engage in forbidden sex. He quietly enters so he can watch as the two sultry men interlock in passionate love. Botos has a look of lust as he watches them climax. His arousal is heightened as Russian hunk Sergei Jordanov walks in to share Faludi's quarry. Botos wishes he could will himself to join in. Foreman's mouth and ass capture the engorged, hooded meat of Faludi and Jordanov to satisfy their desires in a languid, multi-room orgy of searing man-sex. The gorgeous Russians are exhausted after they drop 12 copious loads of manjuice. The voyeur sneaks out after they fall asleep.
Botos' next tale is about Sandor Vesanyi who is depressed over his breakup with former lover Alexei Gromoff. Botos peers through the window to find Vesayni as he reminisces about better times with Gromoff. We enter Vesanyi's thoughts to reveal how he met the hunky Russian on a jungle path. We become the voyeur as Vesanyi and Gromoff couple. They made incredible love that day. Vesayni is a lithe, well-toned blond contrasted by a dark, beefier Gromoff. They seductively caress and kiss, eventually swapping one another's hard staffs. Gromoff lies back on the couch to let Vesanyi penetrate his ass. He is the consummate bottom. Gromoff's succulent ass is plundered twice before this scene ends. Next, we see the end of their short relationship. Gromoff and Vesanyi are watching television. Vesanyi wants to play but Gromoff brushes him off. After Vesanyi gets off on his own, Gromoff leaves him in disgust. The relationship is over. Our voyeurism ends as we are left to wonder what Gromoff was thinking while we were allowed into Vesanyi's thoughts. Botos leaves behind a dejected Vesanyi.
A few days later Botos spots the elusive Gromoff being cruised by Adriano Sabroso and Gabriel Garcia. They invite him into their little hovel to play. Once again the voyeur can't help but watch. The desires Botos has are building up but the time is not right. He continues to watch as the bronzed, beefy Brazilians strip Gromoff of his clothes to begin yet another energetic session of sex. The Russian boy is more versatile this time as he takes on Sabroso. He proves he can give as well as take. After another multi-room romp, Sabroso gets to enter Gromoff's puckered hole. Gromoff is a master sexualist. Another cum-drenched episode ends after all their desires are met - for now.
Moving on, Botos is out riding his bike when he spots a group of sexy guys as they walk down a street. He follows them to another modest little home where they gather for carnal pleasure. The addicted voyeur must watch again. He looks on as Csaba Zsiros and Attilo Sipos pair up as well as Mateo Torres and Yuri Breshnev. The sex moves along at a brisk pace as they suck and then fuck. Sipos tops Zsiros and Breshnev bangs Torres. Ah, but they discover the voyeur. He is invited in to join them as they experience the physical pleasures of lust. Finally Botos will feel the heat of passion. They quickly strip him down to suck on his lips, dick and delectable asshole, which culminate in multiple jizzers. The voyeur cums for the first time. The fuck frolic continues until, exhausted, they fall asleep allowing Botos to escape. He has finally tasted sex and he wants more. Although I don't find the sexual heat to be as hot as the other scenes, its still well above average.This epic scores with 13-ball-bustin' loads.
The voyeur returns to the only man who can quench his thirst. He spies on a sleeping Vesanyi. Again we enter Vesanyi's dream where he fantasizes about lusty men. He wants to move on and forget about Gromoff. Vesayni needs to satiate his primeval urges. In his fantasy Vesanyi couples with Gyula Kovacsas as cute boy Sasha Borov pairs with Zsolt Kopazs in a sex romp that starts out in a pool. They then move inside another well-appointed space to continue where they left off. This mostly oral episode (including a great rimming segment) explodes with passion - if only the voyeur could see what we do. As Vesayni continues to revel in his fantasy, Botos caves in to his desires.
The voyeur must act. He is tired of watching and wants to become a doer. He sneaks into Vesanyi's bedroom, (fortunately these guys never lock their doors) and pulls down the sheet to reveal Vesayni's engorged, uncut cock. Botos takes the hooded member into his mouth and eventually wakes a startled Vesanyi. He asks Botos what he wants. The voyeur replies that he wants to make him happy. They trade sensuous blows before they move on to a multi-position bang. They both spout copious loads. The voyeur ends our view into his life as he says it's better to be a doer than a watcher. He blows out the candle.

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