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Diamond Pictures - MAN LUST 2 - Double Trouble
Diamond Pictures - MAN LUST 2 - Double Trouble - (Dirk Jager, Breno Lopez, Marko Hansom, Austin Rogers, Glenn Santoro,Mad Stefano,Lucien Dickson,Jake Wattson,Julien Salieri,Gerardo Cortez,Fredy Costa,Helmut Müller,Marco Sanchez,Demitri Kazakh,Fabrizio Mangiatti,Fernando Mangiatti,Jasper McCoy,Eric Williamson 2006)

It's hot, sweaty, and a hard job with no wife here all day long! Guess what? They can't help having sex on the first opportunity. Asses open wild, twins well built, fucking like sledge hammers! Come and see what real men can do when they have huge cocks and some holes to spray their jizz! Enjoy!
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