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When shocking photos of high-school student Taylor Blaine show up on social media after a party, the boy accuses two basketball players from the elite private school of posting the pictures after drugging and assaulting him. Taylor and his mother stand as the school's wealthy families attack them while the school's headmistress fights to maintain the school's reputation. At the same time, Taylor's girlfriend faces issues of racial tension at her own school, and while the two institutions are widely different in status, the lives of students and teachers at both become entangled.

Creator: John Ridley
Executive Producers: John Ridley, Michael McDonald
Country: USA
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Release Date: 5 March 2015 (USA)
Also Known As: Американское преступление
Filming Locations: Austin, Texas, USA
Genre: Drama
Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Jan 6, 2016

Regular cast:
Felicity Huffman as Leslie Graham, the private school's manipulative headmaster
Timothy Hutton as Dan Sullivan, the school's basketball coach
Lili Taylor as Anne Blaine, Taylor's mother
Elvis Nolasco as Chris Dixon, a public school's principal
Trevor Jackson as Kevin Lacroix, a private school student and captain of the basketball team
Connor Jessup as Taylor Blaine, the victim of a sexual assault
Joey Pollari as Eric Tanner, a basketball player
Angelique Rivera as Evy Dominguez, Taylor's girlfriend and a witness to the crime
Regina King as Terri LaCroix, Kevin's strict mother

Recurring cast:
Hope Davis as Steph Sullivan, Coach Sullivan's wife
Faran Tahir as Rhys Bashir, the chairman of the board at Leyland
André L. Benjamin as Michael LaCroix, Kevin's father
Emily Bergl as Lillah Tanner, Eric's mother
Christopher Stanley as Charles, the businessman and love interest for Huffman's character
Brent Anderson as Curt Tanner, Eric's father

Season Two: Episode One Air date: Jan 6, 2016
Season 2 of this anthology series begins in Indianapolis and explores accusations of sexual assault involving teens at two different high schools, one public and one private, and the reactions from individuals on all rungs of the socio-economic ladder.

Episode Two Air date: Jan 13, 2016
Anne calls 911 to get help for Taylor, but it's not easy getting the authorities to pay attention to the alleged crime. Meanwhile, Leslie makes sure the Leyland School is ready for the impending investigation; Terri has an intervention with Kevin; and Eric's truth comes out.

Episode Three Air date: Jan 20, 2016
A news article goes online describing what happened at the captains' party and naming Kevin as a participant in the alleged assault on Taylor. Meanwhile, Anne is forced to defend herself after the item is published; and new evidence is revealed that paints a murkier picture of what really happened on the night in question.

Episode Four Air date: Jan 27, 2016
Evidence found on Taylor's clothing means the team must prepare for DNA testing, which leads to an agonizing revelation for Eric, while Taylor tries to ease back into a normal life at a local public high school.

Episode Five Air date: Feb 3, 2016
Taylor talks to the police about his actions on the night he was allegedly assaulted after Eric is forced to open up about his sexuality. Meanwhile, Anne tries to process the revelation that Taylor is gay; a decision by detectives indicates that a resolution may be near; and Chris worries that a delicate situation could spiral out of control at Marshall High School.

Episode Six Air date: Feb 10, 2016
Leslie defies the school's lawyer and welcomes Eric back to Leyland, but his return is not a cause for celebration among some of his teammates. Meanwhile, Anne mulls suing the school rather than take a settlement; and Chris is criticized during a protest at Marshall High School over the suspension of three Hispanic students for fighting with an African-American teen who was not punished at all.

Episode Seven Air date: Feb 17, 2016
Anne's medical history is made public by an anonymous online poster in an effort to shame her, prompting Sebastian to reach out to her again. Meanwhile, Taylor's emotional state continues to deteriorate to a level from which he may not recover; Evy's father receives a settlement offer from Leslie; and Eric turns to a stranger for comfort.

Episode Eight Air date: Feb 24, 2016
Leslie's job is in jeopardy in the aftermath of the tragic loss of one of Leyland's own. Meanwhile, Curt thinks his estranged wife has run off with their son Peter; Dan is shocked by Becca's confession; and Sebastian wants to help Anne get revenge on the people responsible for Taylor's condition.

Episode Nine Air date: Mar 2, 2016
The aftermath of the murder of a Leyland student changes the entire community's perceptions of the events since Eric and Taylor's encounter. Meanwhile, Sebastian goes after Leyland by posting damaging material online, forcing Leslie into a defensive position; leaked information could hurt Kevin and Becca; and Chris is grilled by a school review board at Marshall High.

Episode Ten Air date: Mar 9, 2016
In the Season 2 finale, Sebastian is blindsided when he learns that someone else is releasing damaging information about Leyland families. Meanwhile, Becca's arrest for delivering drugs to Taylor on the day of the murder has her parents reeling; Michael takes drastic action to protect Kevin; and Chris mulls his future at Marshall High.

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