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BoyFun - Jack Jacks It - Jack Finix - MP4 1080p
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Added: Jun 16th, 2019


It's been quite a while since we last saw handsome Jack Finix, but boy has he aged nicely! He was always an adorable little sporty twink with a love of football and a hard cock always loaded with cum ready to be spurted, and that's definitely one thing about him which hasn't changed. Within moments he's shirtless and showing off his smooth and lean body, still toned from days playing sports with his friends and a little time spent at the gym. He still loves to perform too, you can see as he gropes the shape of his long cock in his pants that he's eager to show it and get to work. With his jeans off and his sexy underwear straining he plays with his meat, reaching down to rub where his hole is. It's a beautiful sight when he bends over and reveals all, showing us his dark and hairy hole, spanking his ass and playing with his most tender and secretive spot. He would no doubt love to have you there to slip a tongue between those cheeks, lapping at his pucker and sliding down his bulging taint to where his full balls hang. When he takes his seat on the steps and begins to focus on his masturbatory pleasures he's soon lost in his need to ejaculate, rubbing his shaft and playing with a nipple, gradually building up faster and faster until his body tightens and every muscle in his fit torso is displayed. He could always cum a lot, and that hasn't changed either. As semen begins to flood from his erupting cock he carefully positions a finger to stop the shower from hitting the camera, aware of how much cum his dick and spurt. The cameraman wouldn't mind, of course, he's used to it, but it adds to the fun to see such a big load of youthful cum splashing out in al directions like a faucet with a finger over the tip! After a return like this we can't wait to see more, let's hope he's back soon for another round of cum gushing fun.

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