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Sean Cody 1545 Sheridan & Jarek bareback
Sean Cody; bareback
Sheridan & Jarek: Bareback - Published January 24, 2013

''Wow this is really unusual!'' Sheridan said as Jarek was showing off his foreskin. ''I've never seen another one before!''
''Never?'' Jarek asked. ''Not in the shower at the gym or anything?''
''No,'' Sheridan replied. ''I haven't''
Jarek laughed. I knew that Sheridan was proud of his foreskin so it was fun seeing his reaction to another.
''You know it feels a lot better when you get fucked by one of these!'' Jarek said in his cocky way.
''Really?'' Sheridan said. ''I didn't know...''
Jarek laughed again. He loves to fuck with people.
Of course, Sheridan had no frame of reference. But I think he definitely enjoyed it!

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