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A new Amazing Collection of the Best Scenes from Jet Set Men's Top Quality HD Gay Porn Library starring Jimmy Clay, Topher DiMaggio, Trevor Knight, Jackson Kline, Paul Pratt, JR Bronson and Will Parks! Cum Loaded Studs showcases the best ass fucking cum blowing studs from Jet Set's hit movies Abduction, Ass Bangin Fun', Anthony's Weener, To Fuck a Predator and Ass and Ladders!

Predator Jimmy Clay falls into the trap at the decoy house where he shows up fully expecting to hook up with the hot chick he chatted up online. His head spins when he realizes that he can't cry or charm his way out of the house, instead the only way he's getting out is to get fucked up the butt by super stud Topher DiMaggio. Jimmy explodes with Topher's thick cock plowing his internet predator ass.

In this scene from ANTHONY'S WEENER, Trevor Knight plays Former Senator Harry Craig and he's on a mission to visit gay porn superstar Jimmy Mycles on the set of his newest movie where he's delivering a big stack of cash in exchange for nude photos of Congressman Wheiner. After insisting he's not gay the former Senator gives in and has his way with superhung cute young Jimmy Mycles played by newcomer Jackson Klein.

Before this scene begins, Josh points out that ladders are also convenient for cock sucking. Co-workers Andrew Blue and Topher DiMaggio come on to each other. At Topher's encouragement, Andrew climbs one of the ladders and Topher pulls his pants down, so that he can work his ass and spread his cheeks wide. Tony's erect dick and balls are visible hanging down through his legs. Topher turns him around on the ladder to go down on him and give him a blowjob. Andrew stops him and pulls their shirts both off, and then Topher goes back to sucking  licking and working all around his generous dick and balls, a long session. Then Andrew drops to his knees and pulls Topher's cock out of his pants. Topher has an equally big dick for Andrew to work on. He too, sucks all around his cock and licks his balls. Andrew finally stands up and grips onto a ladder, so that Topher can slip his dick up his ass. With both of them standing, Topher rams it in. He whacks his ass from time to time as he fucks. Topher has a tight athletic body with a muscular smooth ass, ideal for the camera to zoom in on as he slams his cock in and out of Andrew's butt. Moving over to a platform ladder, Topher sits down and gets Andrew to go for a ride on his dick. He pounds it up into Andrew's ass as he whacks off. Topher uses long sweeping thrusts until Andrew eventually spews his jizz. He then crouches down on the ground with his hot ass in the air so that Topher can eye his hole and beat his cock until he cums.

Paul Pratt is sporting some wood for the cameras and on the hunt for some hot ass to fuck. Mr. Steele inspects his hard cock and after a good long inspection he takes off to find some hot ass. Paul discovers Genesis Luna waiting near by. After a deep inspection of Genesis' hot ass the pair go at as Genesis wastes no time in jumping on Paul's hard cock. After trading blowjobs Paul rims Genesis long and deep then fucks his ass till both sweaty studs blow their loads in this newest scene from Jet Set Reality, Chris Steele's Gonzo.

SCENE 5 - JR BRONSON & WILL PARKS (2014-10-02)
JR Bronson's fine muscle ass is lowered straight onto the big fat hard cock of studly Will Parks. JR Bronson lets his wet mouth and hot pink hole do all the work to please Will Parks. Bronson is spread wide open taking Will's big fat perfectly shaped cock up his amazingly hot muscle ass. Every aspect of Bronson's scene with Parks is intense and captivating as he is relentlessly fucked and pounded by the well-hung stud Will Parks.
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