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William Higgins - Emil Hafak - EROTIC SOLO
SoloMasturbationJacking OffTwinkTattooEuropean
Released 23/5/2019

Emil Hafak is aged 23 and lives in Liberec. He is a a student who enjoys sports, soccer and cycling. Sitting on the bed this sexy guy does a very nice interview, explaining that he is bi, or maybe gay. The he starts his show, baring his sexy chest. He gropes his jeans as he sits on the end of the bed. Then he leans back and rubs over his chest too. He slides a hand into his jeans to grope himself. Then Emil opens his jeans to give better access and he reaches into his underwear to pull on his dick. The jeans and underwear are pushed down and off, releasing Emil's stiff cock. He lays back on the bed and wanks that hard cock as he also rubs his chest. His cock it rock hard and looks so good as Emill wanks it and pushes it foward to show it off. Then he lift his legs to show his ass too. Reaching down he pulls on the ass cheeks spread them further and really expose his hot hole. He rubs his fingers all over the sexy hole teasing it. Then he turns onto his knees, showing that hot ass hole some more as he wanks his cock too. Laying on his back he then wanks himself until his cock gives up the hot, creamy cum. He milks his dick dry and then goes off to the shower to clean up.
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