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Buckshot Productions- The Company We Keep (1984)
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'The Company We Keep'

Running Time: 54:36 Mins

Please Note: This DVD has no menu's and it's just the movie.

The Boss is impressed with Corey, a hunky guy who works for The Company. His job on his day off is to deliver a package to the Boss at his spacious home. The Boss is impressed with the service and Corey`s sensuous tight body. The two men come to know each other very well, and in the end, the Boss makes his own delivery.

Driving hard down the freeway, Rod spots a hot, husky hitchhiker headed for the beach. The two big men give the van and each other a workout as they both come together in the final reel. The action is deep and penetrating and the hitchhiker gets a longer ride than he expected.

In this super hot film-within-a-film, a fantasy comes to life for Peter, a film editor for The Company. He feels his crotch swelling as he watches Dick`s heavy action in his latest movie. Dick just happens to be working in the office that day and 9 to 5 becomes more interesting when Peter puts his 10 in Dick`s circular file. No charge for overtime.

Scene 1: Moving Van (Brad Phillips & Matt Ramsey)

Production assistant Matt Ramsey picks up hitchhiker Brad Phillips. They stop by the road and take rides on each other's lips and butt cheeks.

Scenes 2 & 3: Hot Splice (Glenn Steers & Cole Taylor)

(Scene 2 Includes a poolside sucking, rimming and a cumming scene)

Film editor Glenn Steers is working on a film featuring Cole Taylor and another performer. Glenn is massaging his stirring crotch when Cole himself shows up for some real action.

Scene 4: Weekend Action (Joe Reeves & Steve Collins)

Joe Reeves delivers a package to his boss's house. The boss, Steve Collins, get's his boy to receive dick in both slots.

Performers: Matt Ramsey, Brad Phillips, Glenn Steers, Cole Taylor, Joe Reeves & Steve Collins.
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