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ChaosMen - 2283 - Floyd Green solo (1080p)
Release date: May 1, 2019

Video Number: 2283

Floyd is a straight guy who has had a few experiences with guys. Mostly he has been sucked-off and even fucked a guy.

He has also sucked a couple guys off too. I couldn't get a clear answer about how these moments transpired, but I get the idea he had at least one gay buddy who offered to just suck him off. Floyd found he was having fun and decided to return the pleasure favor by sucking back.

He has a military look to him, though I don't think he is actually military.

Floyd has a nice 8" cock that achieves its full stature by the end of the video.

He was one of those guys that told me it takes him a long time to cum, so I was settled in for a long edge session. But once I put a video of a tatted-up girl getting fucked, he came in about 2 minutes of putting his mind to it.

Floyd is very sure of himself and this is a confident and sexy solo!
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