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ChaosMen - 2100 - Damien Reign solo (720p)
Release date: March 5, 2018

Video Number: 2100

Damien is a very sexy dude. He was local, and I was eager to get him in quickly, despite the shaved pubes. He says they really get out of hand, and based on how hairy his ass crack is, I believe him. He did say he would grow them out for us.

He wanted to come over to the studio and do a solo, but upon arriving, he said he was down for getting his dick sucked. He has had a buddy suck-him-off and he has fucked him, but it sounded like a very one-sided thing. No reciprocation at all. But that incident lead him to believe he can push his limits.

He is half Japanese and half Mexican, giving him a unique look. He is a happy guy, who smiles a lot. At 5'6" he not very tall, but he has a nice thick cock on him.

Damien is into women, and really likes to fuck ass. His current girlfriend is not into that, or even giving him head, so he is looking forward to getting his dick sucked again by a dude. I think he likes fucking ass aggressively, no matter if it is male or female, so that is a boundary will be easily pushed.

His solo is really nice. He gets hard easy and chose to stand in order to blow his load. It's is a beautiful cum shot with the new cameras.

I can't wait to get him back for more!
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