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Sero discordantes short by Noel Alejandro 1080p
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Released: 8 Feb 2019
Duration: 27m 02s

A virus is always an unwanted guest. Yet, if it arrives, you better make room for it. Consumed by the guilt, Miguel (Alejandría Cinque) was doing his best to keep Evaristo (Cachorro Lozano) safe and apart of the tension, but he knew he couldn’t hide it any longer when dark thoughts started taking on his dreams. Seeking the mystic help of a pendulum, both lovers enter a dangerous game of questions that will reveal the most undesirable intimacy. In the time of a day, they’ll go together through the fear of the illness, the subtle loss of the innocence, and the unparalleled complicity that arises from deep truth.

Based on the story of Alejandría Cinque and Cachorro Lozano.
Serodiscordantes was filmed and edited in Berlin. Directed by Noel Alejandro.
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