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Corbin Fisher - Fraternity / Sorority Mixers 1
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It's time to mix things up! In Fraternity/Sorority Mixers Corbin Fisher collects seven scorching bi-sexual scenes in one film! A dozen straight studs take a walk on the wild side by sharing hot co-eds and each other! Superstars Lucas, Connor, Dawson and others take "fraternity" to the next level in this amazing fuck and suck fest!

1. Bi Fuck Fest  

After filming this video, I sat around trying to think of what to call it. Getting three young studs and a girl into a full on bi video was quite an accomplishment, and I felt it deserved a really cool name! What's more, bi films that are out there almost invariably have some name that plays on the term "bi". Ideas included "Four bi Four", "Bi Bi Guys", "Bi the Bi" and a whole host of other horribly cheesy names! haha. Thankfully, saner thoughts prevailed and we stuck to CF's roots by... bi?... calling it "Bi Fuck Fest". And a Fuck Fest it is, indeed. A whole lot of fucking takes place on the bed in this vid, and a whole lot of that fucking is fast, furious, and intense! I half expected the paintings to fall off the wall as everyone got so loud, the bed was shaking so much, and the guys really started to go all out. This is Trent's first appearance here on ACS, and he arguably gets to have the most fun here! Not only does he get to fuck Cassie, but he also gets to do it while Dawson and Lucas are all over the place, their dicks and hands and tongues getting put to good work all over and with everyone. Trent also then gets fucked silly, as he and Cassie are on their backs, legs in the air, with Dawson and Lucas totally drilling them! It was as if Dawson and Lucas were competing against one another to see who could pound their partner the hardest! Along with all the kissing, sucking, licking and fucking that take place here, the guys also were definitely feeding off of one another's energy. As Trent is about to shoot with Lucas' cock pistoning in and out of his ass, his approaching orgasm gets Dawson to start pumping Cassie harder and faster and push himself over the edge, as well! You'll even see how I almost had trouble keeping up with their orgasms as they came so close together! All that gets Lucas to the edge, as well, and he soon follows with his own blast! I have to admit, while filming it all and thinking to myself, "This is hot, hot, hot!" I also kept thinking, "We're going to have to buy a new bed!". Thankfully, the bed survived image Thankfully, as well, all the energy and intense foreplay and fucking made for a really hot vid and our first Bi Fuck Fest!

2. Bi Fuck Fest II  

Every time we put a bi video up on ACS, I'm made aware of just how many people are eager to see bi action out there! I get a ton of e-mails that talk about just how little hot bi stuff is out there and how thrilled people are to see our guys getting into some bi action. I know that it's a big part of why I wanted to film it in the first place and why it's so fun to film! I'm not quite sure what it is about bi sex that's so hot to watch, but I do know that one of the reasons I enjoy it is the context in which the hot sex takes place. It's extremely hot knowing that a straight guy - or, in the case of this video, 3 straight guys! - is having sex with a girl (something he's naturally inclined to do) while at the same time being so free and open and into pure pleasure that he's genuinely enjoying what he's doing with a guy or two at the same time! The girl helps serve as a catalyst at the outset, yet obviously the guy/guy interaction becomes the focus for the viewer and, more often than not, for the straight guys having the sex as well! That's indeed the case here, as Dawson, Brent and Jeff are all really enjoying having the girl around but at the same time there's no denying the fact that they are fully into and totally getting off with being there with one another. With Dawson, Brent, and Jeff you have three guys that clearly know their way around a girl but are also total masters at getting off with another guy. There are no hang-ups or inhibitions between them and that makes for some insanely hot sex! What's especially hot is just how into it all Jeff gets! As you know from his "Teasing Jeff" vid here on ACS, Jeff can't really get into the action with girls as much as he'd like to on account of his girlfriend not letting him. He's allowed to have sex with guys on camera, but no girls (don't ask me... I don't fully get it either!). That's certainly a blessing more than a curse, as far as we're concerned, because he gets royally fucked hard and good in this video! Seeing him take it deep and hard alongside the girl in this video as Brent and Dawson pound away is an incredible sight! Dawson and Brent are practically competing with one another to see who can fuck harder and faster, and it's impossible to pick a winner between them. However, if Jeff and the girl were competing on who could get fucked the hardest and clearly love it the most, I think Jeff comes out ahead! When you consider the fact that Jeff held out from bottoming at all for the longest time, totally refusing to even consider it for awhile and refusing to go beyond a BJ from a guy and the rare top scene, it's made all the more hot!

3. Connor & Austin's Bi Tag Team  

When Austin came back after his recent absence, getting him in some bi action was a top priority! We've seen him at some of his hottest while going at it in a 3way with another guy and a girl, and I knew it'd be no exception this time around. While Austin's not alone in totally digging these bi 3ways, he just seems to really stand out in them! Perhaps it's because he just as eagerly gets fucked by his fellow CF studs in them as he fucks the girl. Who knows?! Whatever the reason, I love filming them, and he loves doing them! He and Connor have been in this position before! They've had some great interaction with one another in a past bi video, but they've also both come a long way since that last 3way. I was eager to see just how things would progress here, as Connor has really opened up to guy/guy action since their last 3way and Austin had been away for awhile. As you'll see, it takes them no time at all to get right in to things and start going at it. The image of both Austin and Kate attacking Connor's big dick with their mouths is a hot one, indeed, and Austin looks just as happy to suck Connor's cock as he is to plant his face between Kate's legs and eat her out. By the time Connor starts sliding his dick in and out of Kate while Austin's getting a blowjob from her at the other end, the bed is squeaking and shaking and all three and grunting and groaning. With his audience (Austin) directly in front of him, Connor makes it a point to fuck Kate as deep as that hot dick of his will go, and that spurs Austin on to fuck like a total stud himself when it's his turn to put his cock where Connor's had just been! While pumping in and out of Kate, Austin is also sure to lean forward and swallow Connor's cock, doing everything he can in a situation like this that makes for so many possibilities! Both of the guys are totally caught up in all the intense action as they share Kate between them, but eventually it's time for Austin to be on the receiving end of Connor's cock! Bent over doggy style with his face between Kate's legs, Austin soon has Connor's dick sliding in to his ass and pumping in and out of him! By this point, Kate is all but forgotten! She doesn't seem to mind, though, as she loves the sight of two guys fucking right in front of her and sits back to enjoy the show with us as Connor fuck's a massive load out of Austin that just keeps spurting and spurting out of his dick, all over his abs, and on to the bed. That's all Connor can handle, as he then pulls his own dick out of Austin's ass to shoot off a load on to Austin's balls and legs!

4. Connor & Brody Teasing Ashley  

Getting the guys into action with a girl right there along with them really makes for a hot dynamic, and often spurs the guys on to have even more fun, fuck harder, and do all they can to put on as hot a show for the girl as possible. Even though they could be playing with another stud's cock, sucking dick, or even getting fucked, the straight guy in them can't help but want to get that girl turned on as much as possible and put on a show for her! That's precisely the case here, as Connor and Brody get into a thoroughly hot and intense fuck session with Ashley right there watching and enjoying the show! Connor makes the perfect top for Brody. If there's anyone who can get Brody to open up, it's Connor, as he was once a quiet and reserved guy during his first times with another guy here at CF but we've certainly seen that change since! True to form, he does a masterful job of getting Brody to let loose and get into things, all of it culminating with Connor's big dick slamming Brody's tight hole! Early on and with Ashley encouraging the boys to go at it, Brody gets his lips wrapped around Connor's cock and sucks it hard, getting Connor stiffer and stiffer and ready for what's in store. What happens next, though, really makes things take off! Brody is soon lowering his ass down on to Connor's dick, getting it buried up inside him all the way to the balls before Connor begins to slide it in and out. Brody looks like he's absolutely loving it, that hot face of his thrown back, his mouth hanging open, his own dick swinging around while Connor pumps his hole! Connor really fucks Brody deep and hard, and we get a great view of it all as Brody takes it! Connor then gets Brody on to his back so he can resume fucking him hard, Brody's grunts, moans and gasps coming with each thrust. "You're gonna make me cum!", Connor gasps. At that, Brody whispers back that he wants Connor to cum and stares intently down at Connor's cock so he can see it happen. Connor has more in mind, though, and moves up so that his dick is right in Brody's face as he begins to shoot! Brody opens his mouth and takes as much of Connor's load as he can, his tongue totally coated, cum spraying his lips and face, and then leaning into lick off more cum as Connor mouths words of encouragement! It's a fast-paced, furious and intensely hot fuck!
see also Bi Fraternity Teasing 2

5. Dawson & JT's Bi Tag Team  

I guess it's just a double penetration kind of week here at CF! Granted, DP in a bisexual 3some is a bit different than the kind we saw over on ACM (where Travis took both Jeff and Derek's dicks in his ass at the same time!) but it's hot as heck to watch, nonetheless! Seeing two guys getting off with a girl while so close together, their dicks right alongside one another as one fucks from the front and the other from the back, is just too hot! What makes it even hotter is that this video includes JT's first ever action with another guy! He made quite a splash when first introduced over on ACM and fans have been itching to see him get into some guy/guy action - which is exactly what takes place here! CF super-stud Dawson gets JT's cock all warmed up and ready with some hot sucking early on, and eventually both of the guys are fucking their lucky female friend together! It's the DP part of this video that you really have to see! Although JT is fucking the girl, it's really Dawson's cock that gets him off! As you see JT suddenly realize he's about to cum, you'll know what I mean! He is on his back, his big dick deep inside the girl as she rides him, and as Dawson fucks her from behind. The sensation of being inside her, with Dawson's cock in there also and rubbing up against his, sent JT over the edge! His orgasm totally catches him off guard, and he barely pulls out in time to fire off a huge load all over the place! Dawson clearly gets a kick out of that and after some more intense fucking follows up with his own orgasm! The image of two guys engaged in a bi 3-way, with Dawson practically making JT cum indirectly, is awesome! And you know that his first ever bit of action with a guy most definitely made an impression upon JT!

6. Elijah & Cole's Bi Tag Team  

After filming him in his solo, his tag-team here at ACS with Cooper, and the guy/guy action he eventually got around to trying out over on ACM, I knew Cole would be the perfect candidate for a full-on, hardcore bi scene. He's one of the most sexual guys I've ever come across, and truly seems to get totally caught up in any action he's in, entirely consumed by his dick and physical pleasure, and more than eager to let loose and have himself a good time. All of that most certainly comes in handy in the midst of a bi 3-way, what with all the flesh sprawled all over the place and all the action that's possible! Likewise, Elijah would clearly be at home in the midst of such action! He's done so much over at ACM and put on such a hot show during his tag-team here at ACS with his brother, Josh, that the prospects for some really hot action and intensity were definitely there with him getting it on with a guy and girl together. These two waste no time in getting right to it once they are given the go-ahead here. As into the girl as they both are, you can't help but notice how Cole almost immediately reaches a hand out to feel Elijah's cock through his boxers while he's kissing the girl's shoulder and she's rubbing his dick. Both guys are hard immediately, their dicks aching and ready to find something and someone to fuck! The fun thing about filming two guys who are entirely comfortable with both girls and guys going at it in a bi 3-way is that they not only know there's always something to do, but that they're more than willing to do it! If they spot the other's cock sticking straight out, hard and ready for some attention, they eagerly reach out and stroke it; if they want to feel someone's lips wrapped around their cock, they won't hesitate to present it to the other guy and let him wrap his lips around it; they know full well they'll have just as much fun fucking their buddy's tight hole as they will fucking the girl! As for Cole here, he is just has happy to sit down on Elijah's cock and ride it to orgasm as he is to fuck the girl - getting is just as good as giving! Indeed, judging by Cole's moans and the noises he makes, it might even feel better for him! You'd think it was 100 degrees in that room as these three go at it! They're all totally drenched in sweat and dripping with it by the time Cole blows his load as he's sitting on Elijah's cock, Elijah thrusting up into him hard and fast. Granted, it can't help but get hot in a room with three young and horned up people going at it! While Elijah fucked a powerful orgasm out of Cole as he pumped up into his ass, he ends up working quite a load out of himself as he pounds the girl immediately after. He definitely showed himself to be quite the stud in this one!

7. Lucas & Jared's Bi Tag Team  

Jared's recent return to CF came after quite the long absence, so we had a lot to make up for once he was back and ready to get into some more action for us! Sporting that trademark, shaggy hair of his, he is one of our recent additions to the CF Dean's List, and he was eager to demonstrate just why it is he earned a spot on that illustrious roster! Few scene-types give a guy more opportunity to do as much as possible as one of our bi threesomes, so it only made sense to get Jared in on some of that! He and Lucas have themselves loads of fun, get into some intense and hardcore action, and show off why both of these studs are Dean's List caliber as theY kiss, suck and fuck their way through this hot threesome! In no time at all, both Jared and Lucas are sporting raging hardons as they get into things here. With Jared getting sucked by Ashley and Lucas taking the opportunity to bury his own face between her legs, they get going immediately! Soon, they're both laying back on the couch and making out while Ashley goes back and forth between sucking them both. They stay like that, arm-in-arm, as Ashley then sits down on Lucas' cock to ride him while Jared watches. He wants in on some action, too, so gets up to put his big dick in front of Ashley's face so she can suck him while she's bouncing up and down on Lucas. Jared wants Lucas' lips wrapped around his dick too, though, so moves over to present it to him, and Lucas eagerly gets it into his mouth and sucks while still being ridden by Ashley. They move around so that Lucas can fuck Ashley while she sucks Jared. Both guys lean forward for some deep kissing while they're getting their dicks serviced, moans and the sound of flesh slapping filling the room! Jared wants in on the fucking, too, so they switch around so he can get his dick in Ashley while Lucas gets sucked off by her. After fucking her long and hard for awhile, it's time to take things to the next level! Jared's horny for some dick now, so Lucas leans back on the couch and Jared sits on his cock to ride him! With that big dick of his flopping around, Jared bounces up and down on Lucas, fucking himself hard and fast on Lucas' cock. He then lays on his back and raises his legs so that Lucas can fuck him in this new position. Ashley leans into suck his hard dick, and Jared looks like he can barely handle all of the intense feelings of getting fucked and sucked at the same time! Totally at the mercy of what Lucas and Ashley are doing to him, he's soon blowing his load while she strokes him and Lucas continues to pump his hole! Seeing Jared cum like that sends Lucas over the edge, and he pulls his dick out of Jared's hole and immediately starts spraying his load all over while Ashley jerks it out of him! You know both guys were feeling good and having some fun when neither had to lay a hand on their own cock to blast their loads!
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